Monterrey, Mexico

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Monterrey, Mexico
Main Plaza
Site Information
CollegeTechnologico de Monterrey
LocationMonterrey, Mexico
Years of Operation2008-2009
Avg. Number of Students?
Courses Offered
HumanitiesPolitics and Film: Latin America | Introduction to Media Studies | Latin American Political Theory | Politics of Trade: The Americas | Gods, Blood and Butterflies: An Analysis of Mezoamericam Culture | Advanced Intermediate Spanish | Advanced Spanish
MathApplied Mathematics: Game Theory | Fundamentals of Computer Science | Mathematics of Money
ScienceRocket Science and Beyond | Physics in the Real World | Biotechnology | Chemical Proccess Engineering | Introduction to the Biomedical Sciences | Mechatronics | The History of Disease
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The Monterrey, Mexico site was a CTY International site started in 2008. It served CTYers from Mexico and the United States who were completing grades 9-12.


The site was housed at ITESM, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, also known as Tec. Some studies rank Tec as the top university in Mexico. The university is located in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, in the northern part of the country near the Texas border. Unlike the site in Nanjing, China, approximately half of the students at the Monterrey site are from Mexico.


Since 2008 was the site's first year, traditions were scarce and mostly started by CTYers from different campuses; many can recall the sloppy first rendition of American Pie. The campus motto was "¡Somos primeros!" Spanish for (roughly) "We are the first!" In addition to the floor rivalry, the song "A Labio Dulce" by Iskander was played along with American Pie at the end of each dance.

Floor Wars

Among the cultural aspects were the floor wars. As all students were housed in the same building, they were identified by the floor they lived on. Each floor (3, 4, 7 ,8) would scream their number in Spanish (tres, cuatro, siete, and ocho, respectively) to prove their superiority. In 2008, the main rivalry was between the female floor of Siete and the male floors of Cuatro and Ocho. Cuatros were notorious for their behavior: breaking the lights-out rule more often than not, breaking one of the elevators (and being stuck between floors), almost breaking the other elevator, the song-and-dance of the Pokémon theme, and in general taking everything a level too far.

However, whenever there was free time and students could go on any of the floors, Siete was where the party was at. That's probably because some of the coolest people were on this floor.

Eventually, the world was enlightened and everyone realized Siete had the most power. Alex Yu lost a lot of respect by being Pikachu, which eventually led to the downfall of Quatro. Ocho's Randy Person won all of that respect for wearing a girl's dress and performing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" with Ketul Patel. Siete remained on top by lending their clothing to both floors for both very entertaining acts.

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