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My commentary is there because rules might differ from game to game but otherwise, asides from being physically in the classroom or your attention to the instructor is required, any time within the designated class periods is free game.

(Also, Laney would like to say that ending up with two circles of stalkers is poor planning on Zev's part, and if everyone used her organization method all would be fine - but she has shared that method only with a handful of people, since otherwise people would be able to actually understand her coded lists.) (Yeah, how do you get two circles?? --Max) (The second game was run by Siri, but it wasn't very organized... nobody reported their kills and a lot of people didn't have stalkers or were being double-stalked. -The Fjørker) (Indeed. When we signed up we were asked if we wanted to stalk somebody random, or somebody on our hall. Given the staggering number of people playing, most of us chose hall-mates, so there were numerous hall-size circles. As of this moment I am still my own stalker. ~Mint Sharpie)

[a question: was alder's spoon during los 08.2 fair to be blammoed, as the entire of the handle of the spoon was placed into the bowl of the spoon, then duct taped shut...?] (i don't think so, because all the pieces were still together. and taping your spoon together after it breaks is fine. so as long as he was following all the other rules, no one could blammo him)[As a stalker of Alder, The reason why he got blammoed was because he forgot his spoon. not because he had it all scrunched in his haand.]