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Is the projector in ATS always a shade of green? Because I'm pretty sure Starcrash isn't supposed to be almost entirely shades of green and yellow. Jeff

In 1987 at the talent show there was a song performed about Anita Tuvin Schlecter – I think by Danny Horn and Molly Waldstein. It was to the tune of Rock Me Amadeus. I can't remember all of it but here's the bits I do remember: They call the building ATSA People go inside of it every day But they don't know what they have in store 'Cause the seats are crowded and the lighting is poor

And the chorus was "Tuvin Schlecter, Tuvin Schlecter, Tuvin Schlecter..." etc. to the rhythm of the "Amadeus" in the original. --Rednikki (talk) 14:38, 16 November 2019 (EST)

Can you use the pool there? Thanks

Car.22.1 canceled due to staff shortage. -Dan

Not sure what the above message is waffling on about. Carlisle 22.1 was not cancelled. Carlisle 22.2 was. Carlisle 2023 was completely cancelled, but it's back for 2024 which is pretty cool I guess. Also, Lancaster got shut down, which is also really cool. What's not cool is the fact that those displaced Lancaster kids are now going to impose their culture on everything that made Carlisle unique. And that makes me sad. They're bringing over roles, traditions, everything. Making Carlisle into one big trashy Lancaster soup. They didn't treat the Carlisle kids well when just a few of us came over to their site, and now they're expecting for Carlisle to be a blank canvas they can diarrhea all over. This entire comment is probably going to be deleted though, because Lancaster kids don't like it when people have contrary opinions to them. Lancaster kids be crazy though man. They start crying and screaming and shouting about how their life is ruined when their site closes down, but you never saw that when Carlisle and Saratoga got shut down. It's redankulous. It comes off as really entitled to me. -Holden "Himothy"