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You have an interesting take on alums working later on. I (a non-alum) worked at CTY for a few summers, and I saw a lot of alums work in different positions. What you don't mention (and perhaps you didn't experience it) is that the staff often has as intense and lively a social experience as the students, and the alums who make it as staff are the ones who tap into that. Unfortunately, to be really happy and successful as a staff member, you have to let the students do their own thing, as they (along with the administration) are usually uncomfortable with too close a relationship between staff members and the student culture. --Flyingdics 16:56 10 August 2007


I knew that I didn't want to go back to CTY, and they also had minimum GPA requirements (which I never would have met at my rather challenging college). I decided that I would go to a different program- Duke TIP- and being an RA there was absolutely the most amazing, rewarding job I have ever had.

Some of the rules were stricter, and some were far less strict. I was at a tiny campus compared to CTY Lancaster, so the staff was all quite intimate and the students all knew each other. It was an amazing experience, and while I got paid so little, and worked SO hard (night duty was the worst), I would have gone back the next summer in a second... except for two things. My school let out very late, and TIP starts very early, so I couldn't make it to the first session. And, well- the money. I got a job doing research for over twice what TIP paid.

But I'm so old now, I have no idea what it is like. I do know that some of the staff I knew at TIP are still my friends, and I'm in contact with so many of my former "kids"- I've gotten to watch them grow up and graduate college at this point!

I think it's important to note that a reason many don't come back is the pay and the other opportunities available- like resume boosting internships that will get you into law or med or grad school.