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Very nice article :) And thank GOD that someones taking over raving (sucks that we lose our 2 best stringers in one year) ~Yulia

Thanks. I feel that it's my place to take the throne while simoultaneously following PLUR. -GAVIN GUYS, PLUR.

Only problem is that theres the entire rest of CTY believing they should take the throne too :P (1st dance next year is gonna be insane, a bunch of relatively decent though most likely very few GOOD ravers all trying to get their 2 cents in) ~Yulia

Yeah, but who's actually determined enough to actually do it? Who's unique enought? Who has what it takes? I hope I am able to meet this challenge and eventually become able to glowstick like nobody's business. -Gavin

Wow, that sounded more like a commercial than ANYTHING. Determined, a lot of people want their 15 minutes of fame, you dont have to be unique to rave(technically), and we DO go to CTY, a lot of people either can do it, or have such a small social life that they have time to learn how :P Just a note to all ravers, have FUN while doing it, dont do it for the glory :P ~Yulia

Yes, now, that did sound like a commercial. It was pretty funny, now that I look back on it. Learning how to glowstick is something of a challenge, yes, but I string not only for enjoyment. I string to gain coordination for wrestling. I string to express myself. I string to give people the gift of awesome. I string to pursue an ancient yet badass art. That, and the philosophy of glowsticking closely matches my personal philosophy (you know, PLUR.). When you glowstick like a maniac, you get this rush. You know what I mean. THAT rush. You get in the zone, and you just dance. It's awesome.

PLUR should be philosophy for all lives, not just lives of ravers :P And yea I know the rush you mean, well, its more like YAY IM DOING IT RIGHT ow. (the ow was when I get whacked in the leg with my sharpie things [I dont have glowsticks so I used sharpies :D] andyea, its painful) And the wrestling thing is pretty cool by the way :D ~Yulia

You use SHARPIES?! Shit. That must hurt like nothing else. Be glad you're not a guy - when I first learnt the 3 beat (with CTY lanyards, keys and all, mind you), I nailed myself in the crotch and fell to the ground in pain. It was pretty sexy. PLUR is hotness. Superhot hotness.

I've got bruises on my legs :\ And yea, Im pretty glad Im not a guy for more than just that :P I'd like to use CTY lanyards but I only have one, next year since Im getting 2 for 2 sessions Im gonna use those, or hopefully steal 2 black lanyards :D (PS hahaha, you nailed yourself :D) But yea, PLUR = <3 ~Yulia

ok, whoever vandalized this page, that was lame. thankfully, i was in the middle of editing it anyway, so its all good. ~Maggie G