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Siena '04, Instructor: Geraldine Moloney, TA: Maisha ____ ?

Ah. I had Geraldine as a TA session 1. She did the whole routine- CTY Ireland as a CTYer and an RA, then TAing for me, and getting to be the instructor the following session.

Intro to Biomed is good if you want to take Bio because it covers a lot of basics and makes you seem smart if you take Bio. However, it is reserved for first and second year CTYers. -Starr

Carlisle '06 Intructor: Shashi Chiracipra (is that how you spell it?!)

This wasn't exactly the best instructor/course..... I ended up doing 2 "final" projects, had an instructor who would contradict herself every other minute, and was just basically annoying :(.

Siena -06: Instructor: Heidi Ungar, TA: Luningning Ocampo

This was a lot of fun, but everyone in the class said that we didn't really need this class as a prerequisite for BIOL. So that is why I refer to INBS as Intro to BS.

LMU '06 session 2: Instructor: Katrina Reyes, TA: Liz Oviatt

Excellent class. A really fun class, and it taught basically everything that was taught in Biology. I learned a lot, but also had a lot of fun because we watched lots of videos (the movie GATTACA, episodes of House, and parts of other movies).

JHU; Session One: Instructor Bree Rayburn.

This was my first time taking a science course, but it was great. If you're interested in the medical field, this is a great starter course. (Its only open to incoming 8th and 9th graders, however)You do a lot of hands-on experience, like dissecting, modeling projects, and teamwork skits. You learn a lot about your body's systems, like the respiratory, circulatory, etc. The best part is the dissection. We ended up dissecting a pickle, cow's eye, baby pig, cow's heart, brain, and we did a ton of other experiments, like checking the amount of chemicals in a certain substance or looking at different slides in a high-tech microscope. In the end, we went to the hospital, where we actually had to put on scrubs! :] You'll never get tired and it was a great, seriously, great experience that I know I'll never forget.

CAR 14.1's INBS B was taught by Bree Raburn. She was probably my all time favorite teacher ever, including at school. She makes everything fun and interesting, even with notes and lectures. Bree would throw candy at us every time we answered a question, and also made information easy to understand. We would do well in class, and save up our study hall breaks to watch House, MD. She encourages taking selfies during dissections, like most other teachers wouldn't, and makes notes interesting by using different note taking methods. TAKE THIS CLASS AT CARLISLE. YOU'LL LOVE IT