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hello anyone. I heard this song this week and I was sure it was a song that we whipped around holding hands like It's the End of the World. I'm pretty sure it was Skidmore 03 2nd session. Whatever we did is was very invigorating. otherwise my mind is playing terrible tricks and I am doubting all my CTY recollections. It was only 4 years ago I am not OLD! oh yeah when I went to Lancaster the next year I was so surprised when they tried to break up the "dancing" to End..World because that wasn't frowned on at Skidmore.


I kind of wanted to start a CTY confessions page for everyone to talk about the memories and things they did at CTY. So I guess I'll start: Bristol 13.2 Whenever someone dropped and broke a plate we all clapped and cheered them on, and eventually got yelled at by staff for being rowdy and disrupting the other people at the site.