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I believe that "James Brown Is Dead" was subjected to a vote in 05.02 because RAs had forgotten to play it at every other dance first session (instead playing it at only one of the dances), and this omission had not gotten the level of student protest that they had expected. They therefore thought that maybe student feelings about this song weren't strong enough anymore to merit a position on the Canon. --Sammka 17:21, 28 August 2006 (MST)

The vote came up because of most people's indifference to the song, and the fact that it is not particularly CTY appropriate. It has a unique place in the canon in that it is the only song that is not popular outside CTY, and that it was not put in the canon by popular demand. -- Flyingdics 16:43 10 August 2007


Gavin says:

I should so definetely make DDR steps for JBID. On the ITG scale, it would be an easy 4, medium 6, hard 9/10, and an expert 11/12, though 12 would be a bit difficult.


  • Translations by Yulia!
    • DDR = Dance Dance Revolution (game where you see stuff on the screen and have to respond by moving your foot to the appropriate arrow at the appropriate time)
    • ITG = In The Groove (version of DDR)
    • Numbers = self explanatory higher you go harder it gets (most can do 4 easily, a lot 6, few 9/10 and if you play a LOT 12)

(EDIT by Gavin: The way I look at the number scale is 3s have only quarter notes, with 8th notes coming in at 5s or 6s. Longer and harder 8th streams become noticable at 7s or 8s, with 9s having 16ths streams and 8th chords. Most people lack the stamina to pass an 8 or 9. 10s have more complex notecharts with longer 16th streams. 11s are where it gets hard - I have only passed 2 and a half 11s. They have ruthless, unrelenting, stepcharts with longer and faster 16th runs, sparse 32nd notes, and general madness. 12s are ridiculous, for they have worse everything. They require such massive stores of stamina that it boggles. Every 12 has something "special" about it, if you will, such as a massive 16th stream that last a minute and a half, lots of 24th notes, lots of chords, or annoying tempo changes. This brings us to the hardest difficulty of all: The 13. 13s are just tardfests.)

From the article:

Why We Rave to It

JBID is an upbeat track that carries a great deal of energy. It's the kind of thing that's put onto an ESPN workout CD or something. The heavy drum beat, mumbly rap lyrics, robotic voice, and constant synth give it a unique sound that has become a staple of CTY dances. I would estimate that the song is around 130 beats per minute, with the siren effect alternating between sixth and eighth notes and the constant synth on sixteenth notes.

As a side note, Christ most often declined to rave to this song to give others a chance to rave as well.