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Taking the Oceanography course will guide you to the meeting of the most fantabulous people ever!!!! although unfortunately will also bring you in contact with RONAN THE BARBARIAN or D-Whale!!! Ronan is a crazed instructor who seems to have thought that endless power point slides with yellow writing over a detailed picture makes a class good. His sleepy TA "Melody" (Melanie) as the creepy, sketchy blade calls her takes long naps during class, and locks students in dark rooms "by accident" D-Whale is a whale that was once human by the name of Donna who is fat, scary, and racist. ok fine not racist, she eats everyone equally.

Happily Oceanography will lead to class debates and then an all out nerd fest debate between all the classes. You may dissect a dogfish, squid, blue crab, or shark. all in all it's a superfundido class that is run by the chikas of Lokelani 2+3 in fact the whole campus is run by those sexy gals of Loke 2+3 who will always have their mascot "rocky the gecko" and have a streak of getting last place in EVERY MANDATORY FUN INTER HALL COMPETITION!!! WOO HOO!!!!

Oceanography is awesome, but the field trips suck, the only place you go is the oceanography institute which is as big as a shack and you stare at presentations given to you by the incredibly sketchy blade. Life Cycle of an Island gets to go on tours of the island and nature walks and they go to the beach WAY more, but hey oceanography was cool too, but if you're just picking either of these sites to go to Hawaii, pick Life Cycles because they get to do more island fun!