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At LMU in 2006, session 1, the Teacher Zed let us watch The Princess Bride, sceenes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, March of the Penguines, and Star Trek. (It has since come to my attention that he no longer does this.) :( I'm not to sure how The movie The Princess Bride fit into the class, I think it was the logic of the scene with the poison. No, now Zed lets you watch Koko the Gorilla and Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control. The first is boring and the latter makes about no sense. And apparently the Princess Bride has to do with Behaviorism (for all you people out there taking the course, beware of behaviorism)

Also, prepare to talk a lot about robots/artificial intelligence. Not all instructors will teach the class this way, but when I took the course in LAN 7.2 we spent almost half the class discussing it. Which is not all bad, because it led to many extermely heated debates and amusing video clips like Keepon the dancing robot and Bjork music videos. You will find that such material actually does relate to philosophy.