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Shouldn't Nevermores be changed to 12th graders due to the addition of the new Princeton site that's for 10th through 12th grades?

It has been said that the non-traditional CTYers have overrun the returners; American Pie wasn't even played at some dances first session. Therefore, with its lack of tradition, a nevermore is still defined as age 16 (or, in some rare cases, 15).

I've heard a few people use the term "novermore", usually to refer to a person who they're not sure is a nevermore or a nomore or a group of both nevermores and nomores. Is "novermore" an actual thing?

Epic Levels

FWIW, quite a few of us have progressed through a full revolution of the CTY life cycle:

  1. New student (BTW, love the term "squirrel", very cute)
  2. Returning student
  3. Nomore (note: back in the day, several of us went directly from student to TA the next year, and in a few cases even the next session)
  4. RA/TA
  5. Instructor/Admin/Vatican
  6. CTY parent

- Frankie