Triannual Pizza Eating Contest

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The Triannual Pizza Eating Contest has been a CTY Lancaster staff tradition for about fifteen years. The way it was started had to do with the fact that the instructional staff liked eating pizza while grading papers at the restaurant "My Place" located right next to Turkey Hill. They offer a decent Sicilian slice for a very cheap price at that pizza place, and it got into someone's head to hold a pizza eating contest there. It is held Second Session every three years, and the last one was in 2006. The champion of the contest in 2000 and 2003 was Nathan "Tortoise" Curtis. The trophy was a plate donated by restaurant owner Giovanni Di Somma, which was decorated with a picture of the harbor in Pozzuoli, Italy. Unfortunately, it shattered in transit from Lancaster in 2003. It was reconstructed in 2005 session one by the Archaeology class, however.


Here are the rules as told by Lancaster staff member Dennis Loo:

"The basic rules:

  1. Each participant purchases 12 slices of Sicilian, though nobody has yet finished them in...
  2. ...the time limit of two hours. Only whole slices count; 8.9 is treated as 8. Because of this...
  3. ...if there is a tie at the end of two hours, the tiebreaker is a foot race from the street corner opposite Turkey Hill (we don't include the street crossing due to potential safety issues) to the front door of Weis. Obviously, running after having consumed a disgusting amount of pizza can lead to...
  4. ...disqualification. Disqualification, termed the "Roman method" by the IFOCE, involves any level of regurgitation, up to and including Tim Hagman's impressive disqualification where he nearly booted around eight slices of pizza on the front steps of the restaurant. Hence the triannual thing."