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Is Lily's page

from ASTR.LAN.09.1, Schnader 2nd North (Betsy's hall)

There's not much to put: I'm a twomore, and squirreled (tehe, verbified) 09.1. I haven't done much of note, but known and seen a lot of amazing awesome people do things of note. I'm nearly blind and deaf, an awkward tumor, I had schnadeness and such, which caused me to miss Passionfruit. I'm Helen, Lilehthing, all edits on wish4fish, the girl with the side ponytail (edit: as someone put it, I'm no longer a lopsided unicorn).

I lurk on PCTYD and the IRC a lot (user=wish4fish). You should try it. It's neat.

Course assignments have been received, and it looks like CODE for 10.1. So, as it turns out, I'm not going back. I had one year at Lancaster as a twomore and it was the best summer I can think of so far. All you non-nevermores/nomores, have fun, and I'll miss you.

(something meaningful should go here. Just know this: I'm me because of CTY. I can never quite decide whether that's a good thing or not, but I wouldn't have it any other way.)

I love you.


Also! Feel free to leave a note or say hi, whoever you are.

^This girl right here, is the fucking shiz! Never before has there been such a sexgasmical girl of sexiness! :D -Erik3002