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i hope i managed to do this right...

oh lol i forgot i made this

haha fun fact i have another realcty account that i actually forgot i made and i created this one thinking that i didn't have one

so now my old one's just sitting there with nothing on it

i don't even remember the password


Hey! My name's Aarushi T and I'm from NJ. I've been doing CTY online courses since like 3rd grade and went to CTY summer in 2019 because my friends went in 2018 LOVED it... now I understand why :)

I go to Lancaster session 1. I like making slideshows :)

I really like KIVO's vanilla yogurt with granola. I got it almost every day at CTY after I discovered it and I was always very sad on the days they didn't have vanilla yogurt because the strawberry one was too sweet in my opinion.

i know basic raving (2 beat, 3 beat, and i forgot what the other stuff is called)

i'm good at card games (my favorites are ERS, mao, and spit)

If I met you at CTY (in person or during online session), thanks so much for making CTY amazing.

(also i made the CTY 2020 slideshow!!! here's the link: )

I like you

I love you

I CTY you


Lan 19.1 - Introduction to Biomedical Sciences (INBS-C)

Lan 20.1 - Neuroscience (ahh if only...)

Lan 21.1 - coronamore

Contact Info

Instagram: @aarushi_s.t

Twitter: (i forgot)

Snapchat: (not putting this on here)

Discord: chocolate banana pocky#5196 (i'm on Server 42)


add love tape stuff here if u want to :)

hey aarushi! first of all, you are absolutely correct about the vanilla kivo yogurt with granola. the kivo yogurt simply hits different and no one can tell me otherwise. you are clearly a woman of taste. secondly, you are so so sweet and it's been awesome getting to know you over virtual session! even though i wish we could've met in person, i'm so grateful that i've gotten the chance to get to know you online. you are absolutely lovely and i cty you very much <3
Littleunicorn lt.png - lauren :)

hi aarushi! im so glad that we got to talk in the blammo groupchat, even though i got out within the first day :/ i hope we get to talk more at cty next year and you seem really sweet <3 User:Caitlin Fox

hey aarushi! happy love tape day! u were really good at blammo so i’m kinda mad i couldn’t get you out haha! you seem super cool otherwise lol. i hope we can talk again! rowan :)

howdy aarushi! happy love tape day! it's always great having you on discord calls! Caution.jpg - Connor

hola roooooo - Amy