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About Me

Hello! I'm Alex! Ive attended cty since 17.2 which was baby cty at Easton (rip Easton). I really enjoyed my first year so I decided i'd go back for round two, but i moved on to Lan based on recommendations from chris (my brother).17.2 was my squirrel year at LAN and similar to 17.2...I had a great time again YAY. Anyways at the end of session my fav soy boi Simran Sharma decided I was a pretty cool squirrel so she passed SOY to me. Suprise suprise I went back for 19.2 and fulfilled SOY duties (i think??). Ay moving on at the end of session Fiona passed down documentator to me for 20.2. Rip 20.2.


17.2-EST-Crystals and Polymers| Cecelia's hall

18.2-LAN-Introduction to Biomedical Sciences| Cayla's hall

19.2-LAN-Cognitive Psychology| Cherish's hall

20.2- LAN Phil of Mind (rip)


i love u - charlotte

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