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Hi, I like to rave and do Chinese yo-yo at the dances






please don't kill me :)

Sites and Courses:

SAR 16.2: WRT3

  • Squirrel Year
  • Instructor: Laurence (can do hand-raving)
  • RA: Carrie


  • Mom: Avi Madsen
  • Writing stories and keeping the thick packets with everyone else's stories in them
  • Honeybee hamper

Class members were: Mona Wang, Christine Shi, Alice Zhang, Albert Zhang, Sophie Cashen, Emily Taylor, Avi Madsen, Joy, Lienna Peng, Kai, Kevin

Sar 17.2: LOGC

  • Instructor: Evan (Satan) & TA: JP (God)
  • RA: Abby

Class members were: Susannah Abrams, Eilidh Kaune, Kelly Kong, Amy Hidalgo, Nicholas Lawson, Yvonne Chen, Ella Feinberg, Lauren Liu, Daisy Fernandez, Albert Zhang, Alice Zhang, Olivia Ren, Aidan Parilla, Angie Zhong, Albert Tang, and David Wang


  • The D Dictionary!
  • "You have three days!" - Ralbert (Real Albert)
  • “Mian has been enlightened.” -Everyone
  • “No fighting in my good, Christian neighborhood!” ​-The Falbert
  • “Meow.” ​-Evan and JP
  • JP is god
  • “If JP is our deity, is Evan our Satan?” (Yes, yes he is, because I spent two weeks using small white boards to prove it)
  • WHALE MUSIC (whale noises)
  • Planking
  • Rice
  • Albert, Julian, Albert Sandwich

​*“Do you rike da babbow tee?(Do you like the bubble tea?)" -Albert Z

  • cardlivesmatter
  • "Albert! No, not you, Albert T., the real Albert!” (Sorry Falbert...)
  • “Albert T. is not the real Albert!” -Alice (Again, apologies Falbert)

Sar 18.2: FCPS

  • No More (Forevermore)
  • Instructor: Matt (Dictator Davis) & TA: Jake (MRP - Most Relatable Person)
  • RA: Edie

Class members were: Arnav, Alex K, Rafay, Victor, Jacob, Alex Z (Unofficial Rave God), Cole, George, Kai, Helena, Marie, Alice S, Alice Z, Angie, Joanna, and Jessica


  • "YOU FOOL" - Cole Witco "This was my plan all along!"
  • "So Alice Z is OG Alice, and Alice S is Alice 2.0?"
  • "Alice is Primary Goddess. Alex is Secondary God. We need a Tertiary God" (ANGIE IS THE TERTIARY GOD OF DRAWING)
  • Bringing around 3 yo-yos and one pair of LED glowsticks, but never using anything because I always lent them to others
  • Shell Shock
  • The girls trying to break an ISO record on the night of LOUIS, but breaking a curtain instead...
  • The dying traditions (RIP - please come back to life)

Passionfruit Speech:

Hi, My name is Alice and I have been at CTY for three years and I have stayed in Saratoga for all of them. I have stayed at Saratoga because of the people and the traditions they pass down. Part of what makes CTY amazing is that you can make better friends here in the span of three weeks than at school for three years. Many of the friends I made here have stayed as some of the most important people in my life. CTY provides an environment where it’s okay to do things like dead memes, wear weird things like tape or someone else’s clothing and shouting at the top of your lungs. Another special part about CTY is that it’s better to not know people so that you can make more friends and create good memories with them. In my first year of CTY, I came with a lot of my school friends, but it wasn’t that fun and I didn’t really like it. However, during my second year at CTY, when I didn’t know anybody, I had the best three weeks ever. I had the best hall mates I could ask for, even though I can’t keep in contact with all of them anymore, I won’t ever forget the logic hall from Sar 17.2. This year, I did all the traditions that I watched for two years and it felt bittersweet because even though I always wanted to do these traditions, it marks my end as a CTYer. Yesterday night, however, as I was crying my eyes out, Hudson told me that all ends mark new beginnings, or something along the lines because he was crying his eyes out as well. Even though CTY is over, everything that has happened has turned into some of the most important memories that helped me be more confident in who I am. Thank you CTY for everything you have done for me, giving me lifelong memories and friends that help me get through each year. I like you. I love you. I CTY you.

I love CTY and I love the Passionfruit.