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I'm Allegra, and I have no nicknames.

So far in my CTY career:

aaaaand TOPI.A.LAN.09.2 (!!)
Those of you who know me probably know me because I was the duck holder for 2008-2009, or because I was Columbia in 09.2 Rocky Horror. Oh, and Hokey Pokey!! You also may know me because I sing a lot (such as during the talent show of 08.2 and 09.1, in the shower, in jam sessions with guitars and ukeleles, so on...). Also, I was the proud leader of the "middle name train". Teehee ^_^

Listen, I'd just like to say that I am so grateful to every CTYer, especially those older than me who, when i was young and innocent, showed me the ways of CTY. Thank you for making me awkward and uncomfortable and turning into someone who made out with a double-digit amount of people at passionfruit instead of just nervously giggling on the sidelines. Thank you for making me who i am today. Because I mean, it was purely coincidence that I signed up for the right class at the right site, that had the right people and the right roommate, and that I made friends with the right people (though really, all CTYers are the right people, but you guys know what I mean). All the steps that led me to the duck and to the alcove were coincidental; Sometimes I think of myself as the "accidental duck-holder". The way things turned out for me was amazing... I love you all.

and I love editing grammar and spelling mistakes out of PCTYD articles!!