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Hey guys, its ell! AIM me at facebook me even if I don't know you O.O [eileen tchao] email me. I have PCTYD badly. I'm lonely and bored :P

'kay so I've attended CTY for a number of years now, and I'm a seven year saint/satan >:] I went to: 10'2 JHU for LAWP♥ 9'1 SHD for HERO☻ and 8'1 BETH for WRIT♪ 11'1 LAN for HDIS.A♣ and hopefully LAN 12'1 [or 2] for TOPI ...

JHU is my real, forevermore home. But LAN is my loving, leaving, castle. JHU 10'2 was the best three weeks of my life. but it's all gone now;it's the end of the world as we know it- all the people who were awesome and made it awesome are gone from JHU. JHU is a dead scene, but it is my home. If I can double session '14.... I will return. Beware! :3

LAN is an awesome place. It feels like a vacation spot. But next year I'll make it my second home. Watch out guys, I'm back with the real meaning of CTY in mind. Squirrels: I won't care if you think I'm crazy and flip me off anymore. alllright.

Lydia Parr is my flying squirrel mommy. 'nuff said.

I am/will be a seven year satan. 2 yrs of baby CTY and going into real CTY when I was 12 accomplishes this :] buahahaa .:3 Team. Jacob's. Housekeeping. 42! MOTORCYCLE. 'kaythanksbye :D ~Eileen Tchao 42 person corgy. mosh pits in broadway. no angel born in hell... NOT EVEN ONE! could break that satan's spell... "Mr. Dictator...can I just say that this player sees white people hallucinating gnats?" <3 42 ITS THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT, AND I FEEL FINE


PIE? I LIKE PIE ♥ ♥I love you all :)♥♥ ~this will be the day that I........... live.