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Sessions Attended

2012: Modern Fantasy (Day Camp in Silver Spring, MD)

2013: Science and Engineering (Day Camp in Silver Spring, MD)

EAS 14.2: Crystals and Polymers (BabyCTY, RA: Gail)

EAS 15.1: Paradoxes and Infinities (RA: Patty)

LAN 16.2: Astrophysics A (Thomas, RA: Bethany)

LAN 17.1: Number Theory A (Weis, RA: Clarisavel)

My CTY Experience

For Lancaster 16.2 and 17.1, I wrote a page a day (single-spaced, Arial, 11 pt. font) to capture my CTY memories that year. I will be making public versions, and links will be posted here.

In 17.1, I was a squirrel mom of ten, and participated in various traditions including Rocky.

Passionfruit Speech

My Passionfruit Speech can be found here. Due to rain, LAN 17.1's Passionfruit had to be moved inside during the second half.

On Being a Nevermore/Nomore

My Nevermore/Nomore Year was very difficult, as I was a 14-year-old going into 11th grade. Although I probably wasn't aging out, I knew that it was my time to let go. This is a difficult decision that I know a lot of other people have to go through, so know that I'm here for you!