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Angie's page (^・ω・^ )

Hello! This is Angie Zhong's page :)

Sadly stuff doesn't work,and I'm too lazy to go back and delete stuff.

You probably didn't want to come here, and I advise you go back to where you were from :) (that's alt+ left arrow if your mouse or keypad is spazzing out)

If you did want to come here, sorry, but as of right now there's nothing on this page. However, do check out this video!
Did you like it? I hope you have a nice day!

Actual Info

Angie Zhong.

Baby CTY: BRI 15.2

CTY: SAR Logic 17.2, CompSci B 18.2

Not really known for much lol, mostly just drawings and occasionally sharp comments.

Raves but not too good at it.

Friends with Alice Zhang, the Yoyo goddess (lol) and sister of Alex Zhong (Unofficial Rave God 18.2).

Had a Sunflower named Peggy who she intended to give someone during a confession? Probably failed sdksdjdskl

Was called Fake Alice, Falice, and Fallacy and other names by friends Mimi and Julie.

Had an existential crisis and identity crisis in 18.2 because of something that happened apparently.

"Major Oof" "You fool" "uwu" "LmaoZeDong"