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Hi, I’m Annabelle Hinks!

EST 16.2 INDI B (baby CTY)

LAN 17.2 Game Theory A

LAN 18.2 Intro to Biomed C

LAN 19.2 Neuro B

I am the 19.2 Blammo God.

Oh wow, I'm the 20.2 Muse!

Blammo Information

This is from when I was Blammo God 19.2.


How to Play

Blammo is a popular, campus-wide game that is an exciting CTY tradition. In blammo, you will be given a spoon and a “target,” who you have to find. You will be given some basic information about your target, such as their name and RA. When your target is without their spoon, they can be “blammoed,” or tagged out of the game. Similarly, when you are without your spoon, you are also vulnerable. Once your target is blammoed, you report this to the blammo god, and your target’s old target becomes yours. You start the cycle again afterwards. During the session, there will be two “purges,” in which people who don’t have a certain number of “blammos” will be removed from the game, or “god blammoed.” After a purge, new targets are assigned and the game continues. The timing of these purges will be announced ahead of time during hall meetings, and after the second purge begins final blammo.

General (more important rules!)

- Breaking any rules or site rules because of blammo will get you god blammoed.

- If your target gets god blammoed, you get awarded a free kill.

- Blammo can not be the first thing you say to your target. You can say a simple hello. Essentially, blammo is an ice breaker, and you should use it to mAkE nEW friENdS!

- To get your target out, be within 5 feet of your target, and say Blammo loud enough for your target to hear. Do not touch the target with your spoon.

- You have to hold your spoon in an active muscle (not your mouth, please). Having you spoon in your lanyard does not count as holding.

- You can not be holding more than one spoon, if you are, you can be blammoed.

- Your spoon must be at least 50% visible at all times. This also applies to how much tape can be covering your spoon at any given time. If you are blammoed while hiding your spoon, the blammo counts. In addition, putting your spoon under the table at meals IS NOT 50% VISIBLE, and you will be vulnerable to being blammoed.

How to Sign up

Sign ups will start on the first Monday (you can see a schedule of the game in the "Schedule" section of this wiki page). They will be held during meal times under the arches in front of the dining hall. I will be sitting at a table outside. To sign up, know your name and your RA. You will be given a number that will be written on the back of your lanyard name plate thing. Sign ups will end at the end of quad time on Wednesday (quad time is free time at the end of the day that is spent outside on the campus quad).

Target Assignments

After sign ups end, I will assign targets to everyone. Targets will be available on the first Thursday by breakfast. You can come see me throughout the whole day to find out who your first target is. Come see me during meal times (I will be outside under the arches mainly) or you can ask me anytime you see me in person. Remember, blammo officially starts that Thursday at the BEGINNING of quad time.

After purges, everyone still in will get a new target. To find out who your new target is, find me in person anytime that is not during class.

Safe Zones

- What are safe zones?

- Safe zones are places (or times) where you can not be blammoed. The places listed are safe zones once you are completely inside the space/room.
- A grace period is a set time when you can not be blammoed.

- Your own dorm room, or whichever room your mattress is in (in the case of sleepovers).

- All bathrooms (including showers)

- If you are raving, you can not be blammoed. You have a five second grace period before and after raving.

- Any organized physical activity (except four square). This includes CTY-run activities and non-CTY-run activities (ie. frisbee). It is at the RA’s discretion if there is doubt about whether or not the activity is “physical.” Players in these activities have immunity during the activity, but you can’t run into these activities and abuse the immunity rule to be safe from your assassin.

- Dances (from the start of the first song to the end of American Pie).

- During class, once you enter the building your classroom is in.

- During lights out, specified in the schedule posted in your dorm.

Not Safe Zones

These places are commonly mistaken for safe zones. If you are blammoed during these places/times and you did not know they were not safe zones, you are still out, :[.

- Afterdances

- Class breaks (once you exit the building your classroom is in)

- Four square (playing four square does not grant immunity, this is considered too mild a physical activity to be exempted)


- On purge days, you can still get your target out, it just needs to be reported by the specified time.

- Sacrifices: if you think you are not going to make it through a purge, you can sacrifice yourself to your assassin by not holding your spoon, or if you know them you can just go up to them.

- If you break your spoon, try to duct tape it back together, but make sure 50% of it is still showing. If you lose your spoon you can ask me for a new one, but please try not to lose them.

- Keep your spoon in your lanyard. There should a loop somewhere on the lanyard where you can wedge in your spoon.

What NOT To Do

Breaking these rules can get Blammo banned entirely. This has happened before. Admin is very strict about this. Please do not break any safety or site rules (or game rules) because they will get us into a bit (sad amount) of trouble. Thank you!

- DO NOT go into dorm buildings that are not yours, you will be banned from the game

- DO NOT stalk anyone. Not only does this mean no unsolicited pictures, but you can not follow your target around in a stalking-fashion, and you can not stalk them through social media.

- You cannot go anywhere that you aren't supposed to be for blammo. This includes activities, classrooms, and any other spaces you are not allowed to be in.


Day Events
Mon - Sign ups start at breakfast. You can sign up during meal times (I will be under the arches by the entrance to the dining hall) or anytime you see me in person.

- Squirient is at the end of dinner at (time TBD). It is held on (location TBD, Weis patio?); I will talk about Blammo

Wed - Sign ups end at the end of quad time.
Thurs - Target assignments will be available today, come see me under the arches or in person to find out who your target is. Have you name and number ready so I can find your target quickly.

- Blammo starts at the beginning of quad time, good luck! During the day before the game starts is a good time to look for your target because suspicion will not be high.

Tues - 1st Purge (requirements TBD)

- ALL kills need to be reported by the end of quad time.

Wed - New target assignments for everyone who survived the purge; come see me during meal times or anytime you see me in person for your new target.

- There is NO grace period, even if you do not know who your new target is yet.

Sat - 2nd Purge (requirements TBD)

- ALL kills need to be reported by (time TBD, will be after the afterdance).

Sun - Final blammo meeting at the end of dinner at (time TBD, maybe 6:20). It will be held (location TBD, Weis patio?)

- Final blammo begins right after the meeting ends, best of luck.

Fri - Passionfruit

- Kills can be reported up until I give my speech at passionfruit.

- Winner and top rankings will be announced during passionfruit. Come to passionfruit at (time TBD) held at (location TBD).

How to Contact Me

- To report a kill, email with your name, number, and who you blammoed.

- You can talk to me any time you see me that is not during class. Feel free to ask questions about blammo or anything about CTY.

- If you have any questions, you can email me at, or you can DM me on Instagram @annabellehinks.

- If there are any disputes or arguments, please try to work it out yourselves. If necessary, you may talk to me about it. Remember, this game runs on the honor system, so please preserve this long-run tradition.