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Annie has been going to CTY since 12.1. She is also referred to as Annie Vail or Annie Sun. Feel free to add her on Facebook

Kool Things

She loves Anna Sun by Walk the Moon
Helped take some photos 16.1
Turned a lacrosse stick into a rainbow staff


12.2 - Introduction to Robotics at Chestertown (Baby CTY)
13.1 - Foundations of Programming at HAV
15.1 - FPHS Chemistry B at LAN
16.1 - History of Disease at LAN
16.2 - Neuroscience at LAN

Kind Words

I love you so so so so much child <3 Never stop being you! Love, Mom

ANNIE!!!! ur so sweet and energetic and ilysm and i can't wait 4 #watermelonsquad!!!!! <3333 -Keri

I love you and miss you so much thanks for being such an amazing friend -Megan