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I'm Ariane :). I live in Hong Kong, and I was in the talent show Lancaster 06.2, I played the flute.

I'm a five year freak, so I have three years of CTY ahead of me, but unfortunatley, I'm going to L.A for 08.1 because my parents don't want to fly back to the US of A twice in 3 months. and because I can go to LA by myself. and because apparently, I wouldn't be able to get back to Hong Kong after second session because of the olympics :(

and i just realized that i actually have two real cty accounts because i forgot the password/username to the first one. :)


Archaeology- LAN 06.2

This was an awesome class. We had a lot of field trips :). My squirrel year, and it was amazing.

The Critical Essay: Popular Culture- LAN 07.2

Another amazing year, and the class was pretty good. We watched a lot of movies and TV (My Super Sweet 16, The Office, The Simpson's, Napoleon Dynamite etc.) A lot of writing, and my teacher kind of sucked, but otherwise it was awesome.