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Hey! I'm Rudy, and I don't know you, but if you introduce yourself to me, or come up to me, I'll probably get to know and love you, 'cause I pretty much love everyone!


My first year at CTY (not baby) I was really awkward and squirrelly, and halfway through the session I was introduced to the Alcove via Faye along with my friends Peter McCurry and Anish Kumar. Sasha Ayvazov adopted all of us, and introduced us to some people, though I was still incredibly awkward.

My second year I was awkward again, but midway through the first week, Peter told me to go sit in the Alcove again, as I was being depressingly anti-social; I succumbed to his pleading and sat there again, and realized how really awesome it is. Just as I was getting into a good niche, in the beginning of the second week I was feeling sick and went to the health office; that started the whole quarantine drama. To my amazement, in quarantine, people actually visited me, and expressed their wish for me to feel better, and that really changed my life. Because that time I really realized that people really did genuinely love me for who I am, and cared about me, almost like a familial sort of love. With that love, the day I got sent home was both the saddest, and happiest day of my life, knowing that all those people cared about me, it really did change me, and helped me resolve my self esteem issues.

My third year was completely amazing. Being in Code, having so many inside jokes, meeting more people, I was definitely more outgoing and that helped towards the experience. My class was amazing, I highly suggest Cryptology to anyone wondering what class to take. At the culmination of 10.1 I was passed the position of Son from James Turtle Buckland, along with a whole mess of lanyards from Julian Weiss, both of these meant a lot to me. Throughout the rest of the school year I would have the grail and the lanyards on my desk, and once 11.1 started, I would carry them around everywhere. Grasping my grail and donning my lanyards, I left Franklin and Marshall knowing that my nomore year would be my best one.

My fourth, and final year at CTY was in essence, my best and most beautiful and amazing one. It started with jumps for joy and ended with tears and intersession lulz (I was an intersessioner for about 2 hours), and in between it was the greatest emotional rollercoaster I had ever ridden. I took Number Theory, the greatest class ever with the greatest instructors, Pomm and Demby, it was amazing and so very interesting as well. There was so much happiness and love and somehow everyone knew me and I tried to meet everyone and it didn't completely work but it was amazing. By the end I felt that my CTY was over, but I will miss it quite a lot.

In concussion: Some advice, take advantage of all your time at CTY, you don't know what you have until you lose it. Meet new people, don't always sit with your friends, do crazy things Break rules, and more importantly, have fun! Everyone'll be sad that it's over by the end, but don't worry about that, be happy instead :D


EXAM.C.SHD.07.02 (Can't remember the building, can't remember the hall, can remember RA: Joel)

HDIS.A.LAN.08.01 (Marshall First with Matt and Tom (yes the "hot tom and bo with balls" tom))

GAME.B.LAN.09.01 (Muhlenberg 2nd with Phill)

CODE.C.LAN.10.01 (I never took the time to tell which hall it was ^_^;;; with Jeremy "jer-bear" Brinster)

THEO.B.LAN.11.01 (proud member of The Free World Shorties, 4th Thomas with RA Ilyas)

Additional Stuff

So ummm, put anything you want to write on my profile here. And just some advice in life: If you feel like doing it, then do it!

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2011.1-Deena Alexander, Joey Fridman, Ajay Nadig, Sydney Speizman, Deb Bakshiyev, Rudy Garcia, and Alex Kohanski

Hey Rudy. Thought this pic would be a nice touch to the little bio thing ya got going on here. WUV YOU BRO! -Ajay Nadig, 10/16/2011

Hey Rudy, it's Deb. I would like to point out that Ajay must have traveled back in time because today is 10/09/2011 and that picture is already up there. Also, I love you.

SAMUEL!! Hi there! Umumum...I would revoke your speaking privileges, but that would be mean and I can't cover your mouth with duct tape. Or be creepy with my mouth covered in duct tape. I have to go now. BITCH! I LOVE YOU! <3 Midori

It's bird-call guy here, or aka- Guy who took your hat. I worship the ground you walk upon...not. Just kidding. Anyway, you're the best!!!

HIYA RUDY! Greetings from your Rutabagas! Otherwise known as... Michael Zhang, Andrew Huang, Eric Li, Robin Park, Aj, Lou Lindsay, Abdullah Shareff ,Spencer McClung, Roger Jin, William, Siddarth, Konstantin Rezchikov, Daniel Zhu, Faraz Sanal