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Hello, my name is Jaegun Song. I am currently a squirrel, all-time dumba**, and confused as to why the [CTYI word] I'm here.
I am also three-time Cytus II tournament champion, but more importantly, I'm part of the Gayble. I was invited by Sean in 2019.2; they played Cytus, Chess, and Soul Knight with me.

Session History

Session 1, 2017
Site: Chestertown (Baby CTY)
Class: Inductive and Deductive Reasoning (INDE)
RA: Unknown
Hall of Residence: Unknown
Roomate: Alan (surname unknown)
Things of Note
There were several pranks exchanged between INDE and another class; it escalated to the point of posters being ripped. In return, MARE B (Marine Biology) supplied a dissected shark, which was used on the chair of the teacher of the other class.
Became good friends with Jeremy Chung; we no longer contact each other frequently, unfortunately.
Became good at Pixel Gun 3D, achieving Platinum rank from nothing in just five days. This was accomplished with Jeremy's phone.
Session 1, 2019
Site: Lancaster
Class: Astrophysics (Astro A)
RA: Andrew Zhou
Hall of Residence: North Ben
Roomate: Henry Clapper (Source: Andrew)
Things of Note
Henry was a commuter, meaning I slept alone.
Liam, Hanxi, Justin and I would occasionally play Krunker together; we created a clan called [plaz]. You can find Liam's youtube account at Hexus LOLY.
Astrophysics had many running jokes, including (but not limited to):
Stars in the Milky Way

Teacher (Jen): How many stars are in our galaxy?

Oshmi Ghosh: Three!

Teacher: ... hundred billion, yes.

How to Count in Astrophysics
Teacher: 1, 10, 100, many.
Neutron Stars
I have a pen, I have an apple! Ah! NEUTRON STAR!!! (Due to the Pauli Exclusion Principle, assuming they occupy the same space)
Session 2, 2019
Site: Lancaster
Class: Fiction and Poetry (Ficpo)
RA: Cole Davis
Hall of Residence: Thomas
Roomate: No roomate
Things of Note
I was the only male in Ficpo that session, meaning that I was in a different class than everyone in my hall. I did get to know Sean and Maxwell well, though. (Sorry for accidentally breaking your queen!)
Joined the Gayble; invited by Sean.
Won all three Cytus II Tournaments, being undefeated.
Wrote a poem about weed, stemming from a prompt from Maeve (one of my classmates).