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Hi! I'm Alex Kaplan. You may know me as the one who reads memes at poetry night, the one who spent four of their years of the program relentlessly begging to make D&D legal, or even would-be Poetry Goddess 19.2. That's me.


2015: CTY Online HTML + CSS, Lafayette 15.2 (Big Questions)

2016: Haverford 16.2 (Introduction to Logic)

2017: Carlisle 17.2 (Existentialism)

2018: Carlisle 18.1 (Law and Politics in US History), Carlisle 18.2 (Ethics)

2019: Carlisle 19.2?? Could Not Attend. Sorry.

Pronouns: Whatever you want to use.

Other Names/Notes:

Would-be Poetry Goddess 19.2

Unofficial Pun King 18.2

First Ever Legal CTY Dungeon Master