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Stupid HTML junk on my page. Blergh.

Years: 1993.2.LAN.MATH, 1994.2.CLN.MATH, 1995.2.LAN.MATH, 1996.1.LAN.THEO. I should've taken more interesting classes, but I just wanted to get ahead in my HS and that was really all I cared about for a while. Did what I was good at, focus focus focus... Pfeh. Whatever. I went on to be an MIT math major, screwed up a bit and didn't do so well, but graduated. Took me a 5th year. Suck. MIT is 'spensive, btw. Don't take a 5th year, if you can avoid it.

Now I work for a decently big 5-year-old not-a-startup-anymore-cause-we-were-bought-by-someone-bigger company that, while it rocks, may not want me advertising it here. I'm getting married to another MIT alum in June, and hope to have a bunch of people I knew at CTY at the wedding.

This would have been really helpful to me when I was still a CTY kid: The Five Geek Social Fallacies. Seriously. I remember being super happy at finally discovering that there were people like me out there, and that they liked me and liked the stuff I liked. It was great! But, actually, it wasn't always great. That's ok, too. It just helps to realize it. And, since we're all geeks and nerds, someone has classified why it's not always great.

Piece of advice: From CTY, you've probably discovered that it's ok to be weird. This is true. It's also ok to be normal. Don't feel like you have to resist fitting in with the "mundanes" at every turn. Sometimes, normal is good.

If you have any strange desire to contact me, my email is meghan at