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Hello! I'm Aviva. I attended CTY LMU/LOS for three years (plus one year at baby CTY), and then one year at CLI Peabody campus. I am a forevermore.

13.2: Class - Law and Politics in U.S. History. RA - Yetunde/Yolanda Olayinka. Roommate - Fiona Gillispie, the most awesome roommate one could have.

14.2: Class - Creative Nonfiction. RA - Pat. Instructor - Timothy.

16.2: Class - International Politics. RA - Marianna Butera, also known as Mom and the leader of the Bell Hall (and friends). Best RA ever! Instructor - Dr. Marsha Petreco, also known as Dr. Marshdawg. TA - Rachel Davis.

17.1: Class - Service, Leadership, and Community Transformation. RA - Christine, also my first friend of the session, and way more than an RA. Adopted RA - Jasmin Oya, RA of the other hall on our floor. We were one hall. Instructor - Eric. TA - Rob.

I have been nicknamed 'Raveviva' (or 'Raviva'? 'Ravviva'?) because I am known to rave/do poi (and teach it to anyone who needed help). I have also been identified as the girl with red-tipped hair and the girl who always has extra blammo spoons on her. I sang an original song about CTY titled 'At CTY' at the 16.2 talent show.

(I will add to this page in time)