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i <3 cty and i <3 the passionfruit


car 16.2 medsci bree with zoey (livvy's hall)

car 17.2 neuro with neuro jesus mark and neuro bae divya (alix's hall)

car 18.2 genetics with mr. p and frances (erica's (self care queen!!) hall)

car 19.2 existentialism with karl (!!!!) and cody (cody cody *****) (arely’s hall) + empress

notable quotables & memories

these are mostly for my sake, but feel free to read!

@besthallnichememes (19.2)

being an honorary member of skylar's hall (19.2)

speaking of baby (19.2)

being 1/2 of the idiot bigrade w sage, the loml (19.2)

"vaguewy" (19.2)

my 19 rights (19.2)

uwu hands (19.2)

freeze undercover cop (19.2)

aw beans (19.2)

the younger sibling gene (19.2)

10 honey sticks in 4 minutes, 42 seconds, and 42 milliseconds (19.2)

winning quiz bowl dressed as an e-girl after 2 years of washing out in the semis and not even qualifying in 18 (19.2)

[sk noises] (19.2)

"can I get a yeehaw?" (18.2)

"this is so sad!" (18.2)

"oh, i'm sorry, but who told you that you could just use my unassigned assigned sink? maybe your people need to get in touch with my people, so we can figure out what made you think you could." (18.2)

"bold of you to assume that the c in cty stands for community and not criminal" (18.2)

bve (18.2)

being slightly chaotic during the talent show (18.2)

the judgmental walmart couple who made fun of my gallon of turkey hill lemonade who i later named lucille (17.2)

"can i get a box?" (17.2)

one pound of uncooked jasmine rice (17.2)

walking to walmart in a literal thunderstorm, then not being allowed in (16.2)


to the kids who traveled to st. marys college of maryland in the summer of 79, thank u for establishing our roots. i dont know what i would do or where i would be without your leap of faith.

to the first passionfruit in 1989.

to the four original teens who gathered 30 years ago in carlisle to celebrate the inextinguishable spirit of cty and to us here now continuing their legacy.

to my 4 in 40. there hasnt been a moment i ever regretted in my 12 weeks at dickinson college, no matter how bad it seemed at the time.

to the people here at dickinson. someone smart once told me that it isnt the buildings or paths that make carlisle what it is, and i agree. it's each and every single one of you guys. i love you.

to a generation lost in space, but found in carlisle.

i like u.

i love u.

i cty u.

i love cty

and i love the passionfruit.