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My full name is Bergit, but I'm usually called B.
I took Astronomy in 2005.2, Math Logic in 2006.2, and Cog Psych in 2007.2 (my no-more year). I also took crafting the essay via email. If you don't remember, Cog Psych 07.2 was the class that got a group-probation and was forced to re-sign the behavioral policy en-mass. I, along with other students, had a great deal of difficulty following the rules in 07. I think this was a combination of increasing independence from students and increasing pig pigheadedness on the part of the staff. CTY is a great program, but the rules and rigid structure are not always well suited to freethinking young adults. Durring this turbulent time, User:Harriet was my roommate and partner in crime.
After CTY, I spent a few weeks at Brown University using the Summer@Brown program to study Existentialism. I highly recommend it as an alternative to CTY Princeton. While I missed the culture of CTY LAN greatly, the academic environment was comparable, and I enjoyed the increased freedom. I did get into some trouble relating to the curfew, but generally speaking, there were no large student/staff conflicts. The worst thing I can say about the program is that the cafeteria was shitty.
I'm currently a student at the University of Virginia, and hope to graduate with a BSc in Environmental Chemistry in 2013. I'm pretty happy here - it's a good place to be if you want a competitive academic environment and a lot of personal freedom. We have an honor policy, which means that you are usually trusted to keep your word and act like a decent human being. Some CTYers, particularly those of the alcovian persuasion, might be interested in meeting the quirky kids at Brown Residential College@UVa. I currently live in my own apartment... with a puppy!

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