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Wow. I can't believe this.

I attended CTY 1996-1999.

1996:  Astronomy, JHU
1997:  Mathematical Modeling, Lancaster
1998:  Paleobiology, Lancaster
1999:  Engineering (I forget the actual title of the class), JHU

People I remember...Zoot and Mishkin (I had forgotten Mishkin existed until I read the Digiclan page), I think there was another girl named Zanna...I was the "Emily" in "Four Jennifers and an Emily" in Astronomy 1996, if anyone remembers that...

I attended the Passionfruit in 1998, but I don't remember if they had those at Hopkins the year afterwards.

I still keep vaguely in touch (via livejournal) with Amy R. and Matt K. from '98, but they're it.

I found this wiki by Googling on "Lancaster Canon" (I had wanted to make myself a mix cd for the car), and...well, here I am.

Anyway, wow.

This is a fun article about summer camp on Slate.