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Hi everyone! I'm Ami and I was at Lan 18.1 and 19.1. CTY was an incredible experience that changed my life, and I'm truly proud to be a CTYer. Heaven really is a place on earth. CTY was the first place where I could unabashedly be myself, without fear of humiliation. Do you really want to live forever? If I could relive those magical three weeks at 18.1 forever, I would. But alas, life moves on. And as hard as it is to acknowledge that I will never be returning to CTY LAN as a camper again, I'm incredibly grateful for the experience in the first place.

On a lighter note, you probably know me from Crypto 18.1, Game Theory 19.1, Four square, the laundry room, or Mao. You also might know me from the sanctions room, since I did a ton of stupid crap in 18.1.

I have so many fond memories of CTY that I'll hold onto for the rest of my life. Here are some of them: chair jousting (18.1), sneaking out of the crypto classroom with Emmett Chen and almost getting caught tons of times (18.1), hanging out with my roommate Lior Gurion (18.1), the rain shower 19.1, last afterdance 19.1, and passionfruit 19.1.

Shoutouts: LAN 18.1: Lior Gurion, Emmett Chen, Duke Hogan-Murphy, Charlie, Arjun, and RA Tyrome; LAN 19.1: Shreyus, Michael, Mark, Emma, Bianca, Oak, Daniel, Niko, Aaron, and everyone at Afterdance/Passionfruit. I also want to thank the awesome medical center helpers whom I often skipped class to have a laugh with!

To all CTYers: You're all awesome. Each and every one of you makes CTY what it is. I CTY you. Keep four square and A.I. alive!

I'm going to miss everyone, but I know I left CTY in good hands. Have fun, and most importantly, be yourself!


Ami (the antisocial dude who sits in the corner -- even in a room full of nerds)

P.S. Without further ado, here's the UNKNOWN secret of Stager hall: there are emergency stairwells on the far right and left sides of each floor. Yes. And there are people who work on the third floor. I swear, some of the third-floor corridors are haunted. I also want to say a quick thank-you to the medical center helpers and nurses for literally working 24/7 to keep us all healthy. I hope that you have as much fun at CTY as I did.