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Hi, I'm Brady Itkin, coder, CTYer, and nutjob -- not necessarily in that order.

-- that was written way back when, jeez I got the nutjob part right.

I'm just a wandering college student now, looking for the pizza slice of destiny and organizing political shit on campus

things i do now

  • Retiring social media director of Student Voices Count

heres me looking awkward on a tv camera last year (2015) for it We're gonna get lit this october and have jill stein/gary johnson/flobots/retired attorney general ramsey clark/etc. on campus right before the election.

  • Director of outreach at the cu-boulder gay straight alliance
  • random stupid shit I get myself into

Sessions/classes taken/RAs/etc.

Session Course Instructor TA Hall

  • LAN 11.1 | CODEB | Hana Oh | Rivka | Jeff's Gents in Thomas
  • LAN 12.1 | COD2 | Sideshow | Zydney | Kuba's hall in North Ben
  • LAN 13.1 | DATA | john | ??? | sam motherfucking corey in schnader
  • LAN 14.1 | THEO.B |

Random tidbits of brady and advice or some shit

You're going to have to remind me of 13.1-14.1 because I was decently drugged out for much of it (*yay taking depression/anxiety meds for the first time back then!*)

I'm not sure what I'm doing with my life now but I'm at college and figuring it out I guess.

Don't feel obliged to keep rotten eggplants on my account, it was slightly satirical about traditions in general, and I didn't actually think that it would last through 16.1. If you're down to do it go ahead and feel free to ask questions on here about it.

It saddens me that I'm not as connected with CTY friends as I used to be and that should change, if you knew me and need a place to stay in Boulder hit me up on facebook.

Currently majoring in math and that is probably going to change for the 5th time soon but its whatever, do what you want to do in college and don't stress is my motto right now.

Also, that light pole in front of north ben? Don't go near it, it's mine, mine only, not yours, I'm in a long term relationship with it.

Eating lettuce raw is a habit I picked up in 11.1 and still do to this day. Yes the people I eat with are still weirded out by it.

That plunger was passed down by the greatest plunginator to ever step foot on the earth (or at least in LAN12.1), and was not originated in the alcove, stop saying that it was or il fite u.

The alcove is a wonderful place for those who step outside of it, don't get caught up in drama over it, it is a) not worth your time and b) not fun.

The most healthy relationships at CTY are platonic ones.

CTY made me queer.

I don't know what else to say.