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Brenton Whiting

A famous Lancastrian, Brenton the Forevermore has been immortalized in Lancastrian Lore for several reasons.

First and foremost, Brenton was a great CTYer. He loved all and had a beautiful sense of humor. He was a nerd and a boss. Some of his epic deeds included:

Wearing a fedora before it was cool.

Having epic guitar playing skills.

Bringing in a ton of fedoras and giving them out to his entire hall during LAN.11.1. The hall then proceeded to walk around saying, "Look at us! Aren't we fedorable?"

It was a tragic loss to the Alcove and to LAN.11.1 when (during his last year nonetheless) he was forced to leave CTY early due to unfortunate circumstances. He was not forgotten as during the afterdance, the chant "CTY Has a Nice Butt Brain" was changed to: "CTY has a nice brain/ CTY we love you/ Brenton's a bro/ Brenton's a bro/ CTY we love you..." Also, he was not left out as after Passionfruit, he was phoned up and gave us a speech via Johnny Tamburro's amp and an iPhone. It is noteworthy to mention that the amp which emitted Brenton's voice was plugged into the Electric Tree.