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You know, it's me.(:

My CTY Career

  • Session 1- JHU 2011- Ethics, instructed by Todd Kukla and TA'd by Adam See.(: ETHC.JHU.11.1
  • Session 1- JHU 2012- Creative Nonfiction A, instructed by Willie McLafferty and TA'd by Adam Rudebusch.(: WRT3.JHU.12.1

I'm able to be a 5 year freak; I'll be 16 when I enter 12th grade.(:

Username Explanation

Hey! I do think CTY kicks butt, which explains part of my username. 2011 is because that's when I started(:

To Jada and Katelynn

Jada and Katelynn, I love you guys. Thanks for being awesome friends and roommates. You were always there for me, and during some times that we had, helping me realize that at times like that, you realize who your true friends are. Oh yeah, if you didn't realize, that was you. Thanks again, and I love you.(:

To Mama Cougar and Our Hall

Mama Cougar, I'll never forget you. Stay awesome.(: Mama Cougar's hall, you rock.(:

To Ethics Session 1 at JHU 2011

Ethics Session 1 at JHU 2011, I'll never forget you guys. Thanks for making mt first year memorable.(: Thanks to-

  • Todd (you were an awesome instructor)
  • Adam (kick butt TA)
  • Margo (Awesome. December 11th, oh yes!)
  • Erin (You rock and are an amazing singer and debater)
  • Ariel (You just plain rock. You need Justin Bieber! Has he come yet?)
  • Jada (Second headline(: AND YOU BETTER COME BACK NEXT YEAR!)
  • Gabe (7 year old serial killer rapist. Don't EVER talk like that again.)
  • Sam (Fishboy. Need I say more?)
  • Rachel (You are totally amazing.)
  • Robby (Don't forget to emphasize!(:)
  • Jose (West Wind. King Jose the First. Puerto Rican. Rocking.)
  • Katelynn (You read the top. I NEED TO SEE YOU AND JADA AGAIN.)
  • Thomas (Beef Poseidon. I have a headline for you.)
  • Morgan (You're a cool roommate.)
  • Muhan (Keep debating, because you rock at it. Oh yeah, killing is SO awesome all the time.)

Thanks for all being awesome, funny, awesomely funny, weird, crazy, nuts, amazing, welcoming, kind, beast, and indescribable in under 1,000,000 words.(:

To Beef Poseidon (Thomas)

To Beef Poseidon (Thomas)- Thanks for dealing with my craziness kindly. I really respect that. Keep rocking, and stay ethical!(:

Eventful Stuff (to me)- JHU.11.1

  • My first slow dance. Of course, during Stairway to Heaven.
  • My first solo performance in front of more than 2 people.
  • My first time singing alone in front of more than 2 people.

To Creative Nonfiction A Session 1 at JHU 2012

I'm not gonna write a whole list this year. I got WAY too close to all of you. Anywho, I CTY you all, and we should all go to Heaven together. Maybe on the Stairway to Heaven? I dunno. But yup!(: I luhhhrrrrrve you all(:

To Dylan, from IPMS Session 1 at JHU 2012

Dudeeeee, I luhrve you. And you needa come back. And stop beig so prissy against CTY. I'm not gonna get all mad though, because of all of the crap going on at home. I BETTER see you next year. Thanks for Stairway to Heaven. I luhrve you. Kbye. <333

To Molly, from Genetics Session 1 at JHU 2012

Molly, I lovers you. Lots. Sorry about....him, but things'll workout somehow. Enjoy your iPad dance. Love you!(:

To Molly Szpara's (ohdeargodihopeispelledthatright) and Lauren Tyler's Halls

Well, we were practically one hall. So, yeah. I love you guys. So much that I would do this for you. *does the David Choi* And this. *grabs some eggs, sticks in microwave* You all stuck with me through everything. I love you lotssss.<3333 Seeya next year!(: (I hope.... ;) )

Random Stuff

You should eat American Pie, especially while riding the Stairway to Heaven, even if you won't stay Forever Young.(:

ETHC.JHU.11.1 forever!:D

Long live WRT3A.JHU.12.1! xD

P.S. If you read all of that, I commend you. ;)

Write Me Some Shtuffffffff

As I said. Write some shite here! cx