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Hello! Based on my username, you wouldn't be able to guess who I am. But if you have seen what is in this picture on somebody, then you know who I am. Especially the hat. Which probably wasn't seen by everybody due to the short timespan between my purchase of it from the sacred store and my early departure.

My CTY history:



I truly love CTY. Unfortunately, my the flu didn't want me to be at CTY. As a result, I got sent home early, on the third monday of 09.1. I am still trying to realize this actually happened. The time I did have though, I cherished. Even though I haven't been to a reunion yet, (as of time of writing), I am still going to make every effort to make it to each and every one.

Hey, that's actually better than what I actually wrote for my passionfruit speech. Which says a lot about how braindead I was during my writing of the speech.