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Ciara Donegan (Ciara Elizabeth Donegan, born 9 October 1999) is a former Lancaster first sessioner. She is from Towson, MD, and is the twin sister of Kristin Donegan. She and her sister were squirrel orphans in 13.1, having to bring themselves up in traditions, and later adopted Jordan Ginsburg as their squirrel daughter in 14.1. Ciara is now the squirrel grandmother to probably at least a dozen squirrels, but only knows the names of maybe two. She is also credited with starting the somewhat-tradition of drinking bubble mix.

About Me

It's now 2017 and I've nomored out and a lot of the stuff here was written in like 2014, so it was cringey and I deleted it. If you want to know who I am, go on facebook

Sites and Sessions

I am lucky to be able to say that I am a nine-year nightmare! Here are all the years I've gone and courses that I've taken.

Brooklandville, MD (STP)

08.1: Math Problem Solving

09.1: Inventions B

10.1: The Ancient World

11.1: Introduction to Robotics A

12.1: Examining the Evidence A

Lancaster, PA (LAN)

13.1: Cognitive Psychology A (RA: Viv) (Roommate: Janice Hahn)

14.1: History of Disease (RA: Viv) (Roommate: Kristin Donegan)

15.1: Paleobiology (RA: Brianna) (Roommate: Sarah Holecko)

16.1: Number Theory B (RA: Deb) (Roommate: Isabella Faro)

Other Stuff

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