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catch me on server 42 simping over fox, arguing with nate, and being a crackhead with the sophies/sophias and caitlin

CTY Sessions

LAN 20.1/21.1

Was supposed to do FPHS Biology here but will now do FPHS Physics in 21.1 (hopefully)

JHU 18.1

Attended Individually-Paced Math Sequence to take the entirety of Algebra I to further advance to Algebra II.

Great dancer, based out of AMR II on the third floor. With that one RA who loved that song 'The Middle'. A guy from Hong Kong was my roommate and I chatted with him on Discord for like a year after but I don't remember him anymore. An R/A named Daddy in the hall next to ours (I wrote this last year so I can only guess who tf Daddy is).

Kicked out Tuesday of the last week. Won't get too far into that.....

Enye? Ne? Nye? n? no... the answer is: ñ! Helga brought this up in Self-Paced Math Sequence.

LAN 19.1

Attended FPHS Chemistry to further advance to AP Chemistry *as a freshman!*

Still a great dancer, based out of North Benjamin. With Cordaro, very nice and very cool yes, I housed with an identical twin whose twin was in the same hall and they were your average New York private high school hypebeasts. Did they switch? Idk, u tell me. At least the living situation was better than JHU.

I am REALLY talkative in class. So talkative, in fact, that I likely took up more class time than every other kid combined. I apologize to anyone who had the class with me

School & More About Me

George School '23

I go to George School near Newtown, Pennsylvania as a current Sophomore. If you know anyone there that went to CTY, hmu. Currently, I know some kids who've gone, most notably Ankita Achanta, Derek Denoon, and some others.


Otherwise known as making maps, this is a HUGE hobby of mine.

My roomate at LAN 19.1 definitely got sick and tired of me staying up past lights out to go map on my laptop.

Addressing My Former Behaviors (Serious)

There's a lot to talk about in terms of my past behavior at CTY, and I'm sure anyone who's met me at JHU 18.1 or LAN 19.1 has something to say about it.

TLDR, I apologize for my actions and words, and I recognize how stupid they were.

oh my god this article was so annoying before i just changed it, holy shit **if you knew me at CTY you didn't <3**

P.S., Sam Gorby is my Twin. big whoop