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Hey, it's Charles! Yes, with the pride cape... Yeah, yeah, I know, I dance too...... Oh--I got kicked out once! That wasn't so great...

JHU 18.1

Attended Individually-Paced Math Sequence to take the entirety of Algebra I to further advance to Algebra II.

Great dancer, based out of AMR II on the third floor. With that one RA who loved that song 'The Middle'. Was housed with a Turkish guy, roomed with a Hong Kong native. Things were just great. No, really, they were! Daddy in the hall next to ours.

Kicked out Tuesday of last week. Won't get too far into that.....

Enye? Ne? Nye? n? no... the answer is: ñ! Helga brought this up.

LAN 19.1

Attended Fast-Paced High School Chemistry to further advance to AP Chemistry *as a freshman!*

Still a great dancer, based out of North Benjamin. With Cordaro--he was weird...but nice--housed with an identical twin, whose twin was in the same hall. Did they switch? Idk, u tell me. At least the living situation was better than JHU.

I am REALLY talkative in class. This was interesting to a certain Dr. B.

Meet me at other Nerd Camps!

I have been at SIG (Summer Institute for the Gifted) for years. Did Bryn Mawr in 2016 and 2017. Did Princeton in 2018. That was *fun*.

I am attending a new Nerd Camp after 19.1 is done--EXPLO Wellesley 19.2. Haha! You can't catch up to me as I won't have my phone! Gotta blast!