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About Me

Hi! I'm Charlotte. I go by she/her pronouns. I attended Baby CTY at LOY 16.2 and 17.2, and I did Academic Explorations at UCSC at 18.2. Last year I went to LAN 19.2 and I'm the Egg Parent for LAN 20.2.

Last year was my first year at Lancaster, and I was so nervous to be there. One of my friends from school convinced me to go for the traditions and all the cool stuff that was there, so I decided that I would try it. The year prior I had gone to Academic Explorations (even though I qualified to go to Intensive Studies, I'm stupid) and it was amazing, but I realized that I wanted to try something new and meet new people. But God, I was so nervous. When I got there I loved it and met a bunch of amazing humans--it was the best three weeks of my life. I attended GLOW each time and ranted about all my gay problems because I was lowkey having an identity crisis, and I realized that I wasn't alone. It was the first time that I felt a real sense of community. Wow, this sounds really sappy, but I really do mean it. Every meeting we had was so helpful, and everyone was so welcoming and kind to me. My school didn't have a GSA or any kind of LGBTQ+ related club, so I was in the closet for pretty much my entire time there. GLOW was the first time I had been in a group of people that shared and experienced similar problems to me. It was such a good experience.

I remember talking to the 19.2 Egg, Felix (hi if you're seeing this then I love you shawty), but at that time I had no idea I would be the Egg. During Passionfruit when my name was called, I was shocked. Now I'm so excited to be Egg and to make 20.2 amazing!!

P.S. If you need to talk about anything or you need someone to rant to, I'm always here. DM me @sznshjne <3

The Gay Agenda

I've put a LOT of thought into my plans for GLOW, and I have a few ideas:

Tuesdays - discussion days (like talking about topics related to the LGBT community)

Thursdays - advice days where people can talk about their LGBT related problems in a safe space

I want to encourage openness and kindness in GLOW so everyone can be comfortable with each other. No one will be pressured to speak because listening can be just as important and helpful as participation. GLOW's purpose is to create a safe space where everyone feels included. It will be a space where we support and bring each other up. Last year, I spoke a lot and asked for help with my problems, and people gave me the best advice that helped me so much. I want to recreate that this year.

My Years at CTY

This is a lot, sorry :)

LOY 16.2

Oh my God, I was so cringey in 2016. It was my first year at CTY and I had NO idea what was going on pretty much the entire time. Despite this, I immediately fell in love with it. I took Big Questions and had a great time. I feel so bad for the people that knew me then--shoutout to my roommate Avery who had to deal with me constantly calling my parents on my dirty iPad and making musical.lys on the floor. Yes, I made musical.lys. Thank God TikTok deleted them because I was too young to be on it. I made some pretty cool friends there, but I didn't really keep in contact with them. I really don't blame them, to be honest. We would always play foursquare in the middle of the sidewalk while the other classes would yell at us for being so SAVAGE because we were so good at it. The class was amazing, though. Our teacher was so chill, and he was really good at keeping our attention. We actually had a pretty integrated class, and everyone was friends with each other. I also remember this time where this rabid squirrel stole a whole roll of toilet paper and it got stuck in the palm trees. That was fun, and I recorded the entire thing. There was this gross jello stuff in the dining hall though and I think I would eat it every day. Pretty sure I contracted every disease from that. Overall, it was a great first year that paved the way for my future years.

LOY 17.2

Again, this year was probably my cringiest year. I was a theatre fanatic who wouldn't shut up about Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen. I ALSO THOUGHT I WAS STRAIGHT which is literally impossible. All my friends were like, "Haha... Charlotte... I don't think you're straight..." and I would yell at them saying I was just an INVESTED ALLY (doesn't every gay always start out as an overinvested ally)? I also met Elizabeth, one of my best friends, on the first day. She was wearing a Star Wars shirt that I vividly remember. We had a little four person friend group with tons of inside jokes (that were absolutely horrible because we were 12). I thought I was probably the quirkiest person alive and I called everyone "bean" or "frijol" because I thought I was so funny. The class itself was so fun--I did Heroes and Villains and wrote the most depressing story about this girl whose sister died--I have no idea what I was thinking, honestly. Then an RA called the counselor on me because of the story I wrote. I was like "haha I'm good I'm just writing an edgy story haha..." Things ended up being fine, actually. That story was NOT fine though; it was probably the cringiest thing I've ever written. I am still friends with the people I met there. I have NO idea why because I had such a weird personality, but I'm still in contact with Elizabeth, and I saw her at LAN last year! It was still a great year, and I had an amazing time.

UCSC 18.2

This year, I was a little less cringey. I had grown up a lot in that past year, and I had figured out what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to study psychology--and that's exactly what I did. I took Foundations of Psychology in Academic Explorations. UCSC was so gorgeous. There were deer and even turkeys outside our windows. Again, shoutout to my roommate Adya who dealt with me crying at 2 am. I remember the first day we put emoji tattoos on our feet. We clicked immediately, and it was so fun. I had the coolest little friend group with the best people ever in it. It was such a good time, and our class was hilarious. I got really close with this guy that sat next to me in class. We had the same sense of humor, and we kinda liked each other (ew, straights). He was going to ask me to the dance, but I asked him FIRST because I was so nervous. Yes, I know I'm a clown, especially because we danced to Ed Sheeran. (I'm just realizing now how much I'm oversharing but honestly who cares). I loved my teachers so much, and I still follow them on Instagram. I made everyone write in my edgy, annoying journal on the last day, and I still have it. I also wrote this TRASH song and performed it with my friend in the talent show. One of my friends did a comedy skit and she was SO funny. The rest of the session kind of flew by because of how great it was. Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't think I've had a bad CTY year. This one was good too.

LAN 19.2

This has been my favorite year of CTY yet. I wrote a lot about it in my About Me page, but I'll go more in depth here. I took Cognitive Psychology, and my entire hall was friends with each other. I saw Elizabeth again, which was great. I also met some amazing people in my class too--shoutout to Sasha and Liza. We always goofed around in class with our teacher and our TA who were absolute sweethearts. Our class was so close. I had beef with this one kid who ended up being really nice, so that ended up being fine. I attended GLOW (like I ranted about earlier), and met Felix (shawty). We didn't talk much, but I kinda looked up to him as the Gay King. Now he's just shawty because we got super close after camp. I also met Alex who is shawty #2 and also the Squirrel of the Year for 19.2 and the Documentator for 20.2. We didn't talk much because I was kinda scared to, but she is literally the best person ever (not to mention STUNNING). She and the rest of the position holders seemed so cool to me. I did talk to Annabelle who was the Blammo God for 19.2 and the MUSE for 20.2! (So proud of you shawty #3). I wish I got closer with them during camp because now we're all super close now. We leech off of Annabelle so we can go on her Minecraft realm called Froglandia. I think I'm the best at Minecraft out of all of them. Anyways, moving on. I loved the traditions so much and knew I wanted to go back. The dances were so fun and our hall LOVED playing Werewolf. We also watched H₂O: Just Add Water which is that Australian TV show maybe once? I ended up finishing the entire of the season for the second time later because I wanted to relive my childhood. I had so many hilarious inside jokes with all my friends, and it was actually the best three weeks of my life. Nothing will ever compare to CTY. It's magical.

LAN 20.2

To be filled out. I'm taking Philosophy of Mind, come say hi to me there and at GLOW!


i love youuu + arsenals- alex

omg this bangs GLOW my world ma’am - E

love you Charlotte! Thank you for being apart of my CTY family. You're gonna be an amazing GLOW leader! :)-lauren

Jimin stan, sharpie, Gegg holder Barlotte,

First of all, I absolutely loved reading about how cringey you were when you were younger. Still, I can't help but be curious about the circumstances leading up to you rewatching an entire fucking season of H₂O: Just Add Water as a high schooler, but I won't judge you. Too much.

I'd like to thank you for always lending a listening ear while I ranted about how amazing but awful my first (and second, kind of) year(s) of CTY were. It was nice to have a safety net to fall back on and an open pair of hands in the ultimate circles on the quad. We often only accept the love we think we deserve, and I've had the privilege of watching you grow from a conflicted cringelord to a hilarious, confident young woman (ew, I sound like a dad) over the course of the too-few years I've known you. That said, you can't pour from an empty cup, so continue setting aside time to take care of yourself, and remember that it's healthy--not egotistical--to be the center of your own universe. You're the most genuine, supportive friend I've ever had. I love you. We in dis platonic soulmate shit for life

--Nora says hi ("ehEhEHE")

You know who I am lmao