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Hi, I'm Chloe Hanson, forevermore as of session 2 2k17. Over my wonderful years of CTY, I've had a lot of great times. Here are some:


Mt. Holyoke, Session 2, 2012 - Model UN and Advanced Geography

Mt. Holyoke, Session 2, 2013 - Crystals and Polymers

SAR.2.14 (big kid stuff now) - Logic A

SAR.2.15 - Philosophy of Mind

SAR.2.16 - International Politics

SAR.2.17 - Cognitive Psychology


At SAR.2.16 I was a noted communist in the International Politics class.

At SAR.2.17 I was the fifth doctor. At Saratoga, the Doctor is assigned the task of building and painting a TARDIS that goes up in front of the Dining Hall. The royalty of the session had graciously moved fandom day to Second Friday instead of Second Monday so I'd have more time to build. The TARDIS was completed with time to spare (shout out to Lucy and Elena, my companions who were extremely helpful in the build). On Fandom Day, we brought the TARDIS down at 7:30. I wore a TARDIS dress that I'd bought with me every year since I was a squirrel. I also introduced the Eleventh Doctor's sonic screwdriver as a token to pass on to the next Doctor.

At SAR.2.17 I was also known as the "Third Wheel God" for the iconic ship #frelena. Elena Vietri, a good friend and a fellow forevermore, and Franz O'hanna, first emperor of the session began dating at the end of the first week. Both were also my good friends in Cognitive Psychology, so I wound up hanging out with them a lot. I would often vocalize my discomfort at their expressive PDA, despite being a big #frelena stan. I also started the "FRELENA" chant at the talent show, after the two MC'd for RA Austin's act.

And last, but certainly not least, SAR.2.17 became the year of the fidget spinner. While it was basically a dead meme by the start of the second session, the atrium still sold glow-in-the-dark fidget spinners. I purchased one and spun all day. Then I was hit with a stroke of genius, we had to put on a fidget trick act for the talent show. I encouraged many other CTYers to buy fidget spinners, but the act was axed by RA Dan before we could do anything with it.