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About Chloh

Hi! I'm Christine Loh. :) I just turned 16 this year during session two. I'm a junior at Amador Valley High School, repping the AVHS Marching Dons!

You may have seen me around LMU session 2 the past few years ('05-'08).

I've been seen playing card games like MOW (doing things not very CTY appropro) and ERS (owning everyone at Casino Night), playing Trench, running around with a glow-in-the-dark frisbee named His Body, hitting around a volleyball named Kevie-poo, or throwing around a fat squishy cow named Your Body.

I like you. I love you. I CTY YOU.


Baby CTY

Stanford session 1

2003- Data & Chance, Kristin's hall

2004- History of Math, Selina's hall

Regular CTY

LMU session 2 (For four years I've celebrated my birthday at CTY!)

2005- Cryptology A, Lauren's hall: CODE

2006- Introduction to Biomedical Science, Melinda's hall: INBS

2007- Physics, Allyssa's hall: PHYW

2008- Genetics, Johanda's hall: GENE



AIM: chlohxo

Facebook network: Amador Valley High School '10 (I'll accept any CTYer!)