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This is Claire Merriman and Phoebe Gould. srry, i am not very good at the whole html/wiki codes.

Some basic facts about us:

-We are quite awesome
-We do not believe in shoes and have been barefoot dangerously close to Frank Wang but have never gotten in trouble
-Some people think that after 10 or so Gobstoppers each it is a little scary to be near us
-We always have and always will love Disney, Nick and 90s music. Some people think this is a bad thing
-We are part of the minority of people who do not lose the game when we hear others lose. We think its better that way.

October 6-7, 2007 is going to be amazing!


Phoebe: i do not know the actual classes, but
St. Mary's 2005
Carlisle 2006


The Fork

On the first day Pomm and Timmer stuck a fork in the ground and told us that was the meeting place. I don't think they do this every year, but even if they do, everyone knew about it, so i feel fine sharing this. On the second day the fork was surrounded by four small traffic cones and caution tape.

Several creative people, ie Jenny, Georgia, Ellen, Claire, and Phoebe decided that they would mess with the fork periodically. We turned it tongs-up and added the first spoon. Someone else started added sporks (I believe Ben/Ted added the first, but i am not sure about the other 8), a salad fork/spoon thing, and a rabbit basket along with larger cones believed to come from Pomm and Timmer and a larger spoon and fork that on the last day became a shovel and pitch fork. Once the fork area became too crowded we became the police of the area, trying to keep it pure. We even attempted to hide the rabbit basket thing, but failed miserably.

(Note: Ben/Ted was partly responsible for the addition of the first spork, but it was Ariel who in fact supplied and ceremoniously placed the spork in the ground.)

Cool Things that Happened

At both the 1st and 3rd dances Claire chased Phoebe around yelling "im gonna kill you" at the first (and possibly 3rd) one. This was quite noticeable and funny.
Obviously any THEO jokes, but most of these are confidential.
Our hall did not count off normally. We decided that "1, 2, 3..." was not nerdy enough and used the Fibinacci numbers, which we can recite through the 22nd (17711) without much thought.
At paperbag puppets the second week, Will and Alex stole many peoples puppets and violated them with their puppets.
We went to shoe golf and actually played. Also talked for a while, but we were the only three to really play. (Third person: Alex Novet)

Second Weekend

We invaded the Atlee/Dubbs Second Floor Lounge and even though there were two of us and many guys who lived there (mainly in our class, but several etomology guys were there) and the amazingly awesome Syd Weston we controlled most of the music. This was not very well received since it included Hannah Montana, the Spice Girls, and Backstreet Boys. When our iPods were no longer allowed in the speakers and we sat under a table and listened to Hannah Montana. Jeremy seemed to think this was sketchy; he also thought it was very strange we were listening to Hannah Montana and that we knew MMMBop. This was also our introduction to irish punk-rock music about pirates. It really is good.

If you have made it this far, congrats! um...thats all.