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STM.05.1 Crafting the Essay - Donna and Jennifer (? i think i don't remember anymore) CAR.06.1 Latin 1 - Magistra Piper and Sarah CAR.07.1 Cog Psych - Jake and Meredith CAR.08.1 Ethics - Mark and Andrew

Some Carlislians know me as Free High Five girl because of my '08 campaign to save the day. others know me as the loud blonde kid :D and still others know me as Jesus. Most Carlislians probably don't know me at all, however, but that's okay :). I couched, I klined, i rushed it at break. i sat on the wall and swung my lanyard (might as well just arrest me ;P). I contemplated the existence of conspiracy theories on campus (the squirrel theory namely, and a few other less notorius and interesting theories, and i thuroughly enjoyed myself.

I love CTY and I love the Passionfruit.