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Estella Havisham..

Hi, I'm Kathie, more commonly referred to within the CTY community as Kat. I currently identify as a rising nomore and co-King James VIII at LAN.2 (Edit: 11/29/17 - 18.2 may be my last session. Tis tragic. Currently in the process of convincing certain parental units)

CTY has been a part of me for a long time. I grew up with the traditions, thanks to my sister, who attended two years at Lancaster (12.1 and 14.1, I believe) and regrets that she was unable to attend more. I think of CTY as my home, as it is the only place I've ever been homesick for.

LAN 16.2: INBS-B

Ah, what a memeful session. From our straight savage TA Gaby to the pronunciation of 'meiosis' by our teacher Ron (MEEEEEEEEEEEEEIOOOSISSS).

To my hall: despite occasionally being antisocial little fucks (it's okay, isn't that how everyone's squirrel year goes?) y'all were some pretty lit people. From watching Cheetah Girls to having our quote wall and our Burn Book, we had some pretty unforgettable times.

A special thanks to Sumaiyah Khwaja, who was the best CTY friend a girl could ask for.

Shoutout to those I met this year who returned to hug the life out of me during 17.2 - Amy (my meme queen), Ronit, Katherine, Ellie (peasant), and Kenneth (KENNY G.!!)

LAN 17.2: BIOL-B

There aren't enough words to describe this session. Undeniably, this session was amazing. I met a lot of amazing people, but the following peeps defined my session:

  • Andrew Brose: for all the grass sex, hugs, and tearful goodbyes
  • Colin Ly: for being gloriously extra, all the dances, and looking way better than me in my own clothes
  • Waverly Choy: for being a questionably weird person with me and for screaming the lyrics to Iris at the first dance while slow dancing with me
  • Jason Chang: for being my rave king
  • Jeffrey Jehng: for the hugs, grass orgies, and "in-class entertainment"
  • Zoe Winston: for being extremely high with me during the final sleepover, which was indeed an ISO, and for trying shower ramen and shower mac n' cheese with me - I'm happy I got to walk with you during your passionfruit speech
  • Lucas Lin: wheee... best for last... for being a smol asian with me, for all the hugs, dances, kisses, tears, partner poi, and for being the last face I saw at CTY this session

This session, I also adopted my very first squirrel children. I was the proud squirrel mother of:

  • Hannah Van Dusen: older than me by five days and better than me in every imaginable way, but she was still my squirrel daughter
  • Laura Yee: adorably awkward, occasionally bitchy, but immersed herself in CTY with me

As of this session, I have discovered that many have begun referring to me by the title "rave queen".

Popular opinion suggests that I should pass down my glasses as a relic (after replacing the lenses with non-prescription ones) during my nomore year. Not sure what I think thus far.

Y'all should help me convince Bobert to return for 18.2. I miss his soft cheeks.

(Edit: 08/05/18 - I fucking miss you guys.)

LAN 18.2: ASTR-B

I started this session by relapsing into my 17.2 PCTYD but after motivation from Jason and Andrew, I was able to enjoy this session to the fullest. It might be my last, though I identified as a onemore in hopes of returning. Although up against some steep competition, this session was amazing in its own right. Here are some spicy people I would like to thank for being so spicy:

  • Colin Ly (again): for still being gloriously extra, the dances, and looking better than me in my own clothes. Thank you for everything. I can't imagine the past three years without you.
  • Laura Yee: for making me the proudest mother ever, even though she is no longer a squirrel.
  • Julian Lam: for making this session even better with hugs, dances, love, tea, ninja rolls, and more. I love you.
  • Deborah Yu: for being my baby raver and giving me faith that maybe I don't suck at teaching. Stop looking better than me in my own clothes.
  • Aanya Menon: for needing to spam call her ten minutes before the start of class because she was still asleep and for nearly burning down North Ben. Four times. And for the ISO. That was fun.

Thank you to all of astro B because you guys were the best class I could have ever asked for. I love you all.

I was chosen to be co-King James VIII in 19.2 with my daddy Ceci, though I might not come back. If I do though, never be afraid to say hi and introduce yourself! Always looking for more baby ravers, hehe. And if I don't come back next year, y'all better keep raving.

You better come back next year, I don’t wanna be alone. I love you!!❤️ -Daddy