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My name is David Feldheim! In Soviet Russia, David Feldheim is my name...YOU!

Some people call me D-Feld, cuz I'm a motherfuckin' P-I-M-P, EB calls me Bambi, because she likes to remind me that I am in no way a P-I-M-P

I'm a two-year-tragedy in the making :'(

The first of my unfortunate two years was spent in LOGC, which despite all the busy work and essays, kicked ass. Mostly because of the ridiculous text book though.

My second year will be spent doing some other inane humanities course, possibly ETYM, because the instructor is SEXY (if you see this Sean, I'm just kidding. Also, I'm not a cross dresser, that was just Second Saturday, I swear. I'M NOT INSANE SEAN!!!")

I was the only person in a group of 10 or so people that Nixon wouldn't kiss :'(

I haven't done anything notable, there's a decent chance you have no idea who the hell I am. I was the sexiest whore ever on Second Saturday 07 (you know it Sean.) Technically Gavin Cook was Frank, but I was Frank in my head. There's a decent chance I have hit on you at one point, or squeezed your ass, or made an incredibly offensive, sexual comment at you, but that's just how I roll.

Oh, me and Rips sang Don't Stop Believin' that one time at Quad Time, but you probably weren't there.