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So, I'm a forevermore now. What is this I don't even.

Oh, I should probably mention who I am. I'm Lawrence Declan Declan Kennedy. Or Rory. Or Kenny. Or Duckie. Or Deckles. Or, well, a lot of things.

I like music, people, shiny things, adorableness, pokemon, shiny pokemon, and various other things.

I'm a man of ill repute Ultra brightness glowsticks.

Classes: PBIO LOS 07.1 GAME B LAN 08.2, Marshall 2 THEO A LAN 09.1 Mull 2 PHYW B LAN 09.2 Schaffer 3 TOPI B LAN 10.2 Muhlenberg 2

Positions: The crappier Blammo Co-God, 10.2 Riff Raff 10.2 Passionfruit Emperor 10.2

I love all of you infinitely.