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hey people, i'm Josh Frumkin. i went to CTY LAN.07 for both sessions. it was my first (and only) year *tear*. anyway, due to the fact that i have contributed NOTHING to the CTY community (cough cough arielle hyre cough cough), i have decided that EVENTUALLY i will try to put up the complete txt of "hitchhikers" onto the website. thats right, all of the books. yea, i'm crazy. i'm going to give it a shot, and if anyone has any idea where i could get a copy of the text (at least some of it) already digitaly, that'd be great :D

i took archaeology first session, and crafting the essay C second. classwise (and most-things-wise), second session was the best. C-UNIT!!! daniel brown is our TA/he can beat you any day/even though he has no hair/he fights like a freakin' bear (credited to me lol). the only thing that session1 has over session2 is the awesome people - i missed u all :) not knocking my second session jew-party buddies, b/c u were all awesome too :D i need to give session1 SOME credit, huh? lol

max wang is right - CTY is heaven. i love you all :D

Little Pickle says: i love you josh!!! :]