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Hi. I'm Daisy, and I like warm hugs. I'm that crazy person who says to not trust the beavers and keeps a quote book.

If you'd like, leave a comment! Or a joke!


BRI 15.2 Baby CTY

Class: Model United Nations and Advanced Geography RA: Janet Roommate: Lauren Liu

Notable Memories: Everybody's It, Mock UN meetings, being introduced to fandoms, writing on the windows, having to eat vegetables a lot,

SAR 16.2

Class: Cognitive Psychology RA: Marissa Roommate: Elan Peng

Notable Memories: More Fandoms, Sitting at meals with Lara, Dot, Sasha, Hudson, Rhys, and Joey (who we have yet to find), Learning traditions, Blammo, Failing to find my target, Chester the Dinosaur, Talent Show

SAR 17.2

Class: Logic and the Principles of Reasoning RA: Abby Roommate: Angie Z.

Notable Memories: Mian the Classroom, Talent Show, More Friends!, Class Jokes, Love Tape Day, Fandom Day, Hugs, Sleeping, Morning Music, More Fandoms, Having to Listen to 'Sincerely, Me" over and over, Learning to Sort of Rave

See 26washere for the rest.

Comments? Jokes? Puns?

Rest in pepperoni, pupperoni -Hudson

Es que todo es una gran esquema del gobierno estadounidense para ver todo lo que estás haciendo. El gobierno siempre te está mirando. Viva el NSA y tambn NBA y NRA. Hmm entonces viva todos los carajos que empiezan con "N"

Hey! This is also Daisy. I forgot the account password for this, so that's why I haven't changed this. My other account is 26washere. Sorry for the minor inconvenience.