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Hello world! I've put off making an account here on RealCTY for some reason until now (a bit more than a week before 12.1 at LAN)... yay procrastination!

I can't wait until CTY starts again, and I hope to meet more people this time than the last time I was at LAN. Speaking of which...


LAN.12.1.PHYW.(I don't know yet)

Maybe... JHU/CAR.13.1.GENE and JHU.13.2.GNIC if I'm lucky! :D

I was so insanely squirrel-like during my first session, it wasn't even funny. But I learned the ways of being a ninja, how to WAAAA, hold my breath for longer than like 20 seconds because of the stinky hallway in South Ben, how to play four square, the ways of Blammo, and so much more. (Excuse my bad grammar, prease.)

Anyhoos, I would love to get emails from people before CTY starts! :) Contact me at I <3 all emails and weirdness and such. :D Sadly, I do not haz teh facebookz so yeah. I'M SO OLD SCHOOL. ^_^

See ya guys!

THE GAME. Oh, did I mention? THE GAME (again)?

PS: Excuse me for any random mistakes... I'll go correct it later or something...