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I'm a twomore and six-year-satan from New York.

I play ukulele and piano

I love TMBG

If you're still around then we'll meet at the end of the tour <3


  • (baby)
    • IROB.LOU.08.2 (Intro to Robotics)
    • BACO.CHS.09.2 (Bay Ecology)
  • (normal)
    • VACO.KNE.10.2 (Volcanoes: Hawaii)
    • DATA.LAN.11.1 (Data Structures and Algorithms)
  • (future)
    • GRK1.LAN.12.1
    • TOPI.LAN.12.2
    • HDIS.LAN.13.1
    • THEO.LAN.13.2
  • (other cty-run seminars/programs)
    • Marine Biology, Millport, Scotland (2006)
    • Mathematical patterns seminar, Boston (2008ish)
    • Geocaching seminar, Boston (the year before the patterns one)